Scott Carrigan Baseball Association
“Cal Ripken Division” Rules of Play

  1. The Scott Carrigan Baseball Association adopts the "Official Baseball Rules" as published by the Nation Baseball Congress, Incorporated.
  2. The Scott Carrigan Baseball Association farther adopts the “Cal Ripken Division Rules and Regulation” as monitored and published by the Babe Ruth Baseball Organization. The Scott Carrigan Baseball Association and all divisional play will be bound by said rules of the game including all league and administrative rules for league organization.

NOTE: Babe Ruth Organization allows for the individual league to "tailor or modify" the rules of play to adopt special needs or desires of the individual league. These amended rule allowances hereby set forth apply to regular season play only and are not applicable to post season tournament play. Special rules for tournament play are found in the Cal Ripken Rule Book. All rules will be strictly enforced and followed.


  1. Divisional Set-up
    • Major League Division will consist of 4 - 10 teams with 11 - 15 players
      league age eleven (11) - twelve (12)
    • Minor League Division will consist of league age nine (9) - ten (10)
    • Rookie League Division will consist of age six (6) - eight (8) years of age.
  2. Major Division play will use Babe Ruth (13) Year Old Division Rules.

Major Division will utilize 70' distance between bases. They will use a 50' distance from pitching rubber to home plate. Pitching eligibility is limited to six (6) innings per calendar week with a minimum of two (2) full days rest between pitching appearances in which the player pitched in three (3) innings or more. (“Old” Babe Ruth pitching rules for 9 - 12 year olds). Balks will be called. Leading off is allowed. "Big barrel" bats are permitted.

NOTE: These amended rules are for the Scott Carrigan Spring Season ONLY.

Tournament play reverts back to Cal Ripken Division Rules. (60' bases, 46' pitching distance, no leading off, no big barrel bats, etc.).

To Begin Play
Each team must have nine (9) players to begin the game or it will be declared a forfeit. (8 players allowed for Majors during the 2003 Season). A fifteen minute “waiting time” from the scheduled start time of the first game will be allowed before declaring a forfeit A team may not play with less than nine (9) players anytime during the game. (The fifteen minutes will be deducted from the game time should the game not be forfeited).

This rule applies to all divisions. In fairness to all players, no player may defensively sit out twice before all other players on the team have sat once.

Starting Time
Each park’s "official time" (length of game) shall be kept by the Umpire in Chief. The umpire will announce the game-start time to the official scorekeeper and each team's manger.

Game Length
Cal Ripken games are set for (1½) one and one-half hours of continuous play. If during the course of normal play for whatever reason i.e. lengthy injury, rain etc., play is halted the umpire at his discretion may add the same amount of lost time to the official game clock. This rarely happens but if it does then the additional time given back to the game must be announced to the official scorekeeper and both managers immediately upon resuming play. If it is not announced then the additional time will not be honored at the conclusion of the normal (1½) one and one-half hours of play. The imposed time limit supersedes a six (6) inning requirement for game length. When a time limit is imposed there is no minimum number of innings required to be played for the game to be “official”.

Any Inning Started Will Be Completed
Common sense would dictate that if the home team is winning when time expires, the game is over at that time and there would he no need to finish the inning or if the home team is winning and does not need to bat.

Any Time Left To Play (Even Seconds) Will Be Utilized-A new inning officially starts the moment that the third (3rd) out is affected upon the home team who would have to be batting.

Tie Ball Game
If at the end of six (6) innings or the (1½) one and half hour time limit, the game is tied, one (l) extra inning will be played. If the game remains tied after the extra inning, it is considered a suspended game. The suspended game may be completed at he end of the regular season if the same two (2) teams are locked in a tie for first place. The game would resume from the point of suspension with that week's pitching restrictions applying to the continued game. Further, payment to the umpires the this continuation game shall be born by the individual park.

Intentional Walks
There are no exceptions for declared intentional walks and therefore the pitcher is required to pitch the four balls.

There will be no balks called in Cal Ripken baseball (Minors only) If an umpire observes a pitcher's motion or actions that would normally be ruled a balk then an instructional warning shall be given to the pitcher and team manager. If the balk ration or motion is flagrant and continues then the said pitcher may be removed from the mound (not the game
just the mound). This is the umpire's discretion

Stealing Home
All players may steal home at anytime that the ball is live and in play. Different parks may opt not to send their runners from third to home on pass balls or overthrows. This may be done on a gentleman's agreement between the coaches, however, any dispute that may arise as a result of a scored run shall be ruled by the S.C as scored.

Minor League Rule Only
No runner on third base is allowed to steal home on a pass ball during the first half of the season. (A pass ball is a pitched ball that the catcher does not or can not catch). However, a runner may advance from third to home if the pitcher does not or can not catch the ball from the catcher and the ball is past the pitching rubber.

there is no requirement for sliding at home. On plays at the plate, the umpire shall have the discretion of calling a runner safe or out if either player is purposely generating unnecessarily rough play.

All protests will be made in writing and submitted to the Scott Carrigan Board within twenty-four (24) hours of the protested game. The Scott Carrigan Board shall serve as the protest committee for the league. Any protests must be declared at the time of the incident to the Umpire in Chief and the Official Scorekeeper and before play resumes (the next pitch is thrown) in order to be honored. Failure to protest properly will result in non consideration.

Ten Run Rule
If after four (4) complete innings, one (1) team is ahead by ten (10) runs or more, the game is over. If the home team is ahead by ten (10) runs or more after three and one-half (3½ ) innings (visitors have batted four (4) times) the game is over as the home team does not need to bat again.

Minimum Inning Rule
All Players present at the start of the game are required to play at least two (2) innings in the field in a game that consists of four (4) or more innings.

Minimum Players
A team may begin with a minimum of 8 players on the field, they may finish with 7 players. When it is known in advance that a team will be short of players, the coach's are urged to find a different date/time that is mutually accepted

NOTE: To allow for more play, Scott Carrigan allows for the Minor & Rookie divisions to play with ten (10) players in the field in defensive positions. Four (4) of the positions must be in the outfield. Both teams shall have a continuous batting order and at no more than ten (10) total batters in an inning. When the tenth batter in the inning comes to the plate, the Official Scorekeeper will announce
'tenth-batter'. Said batter proceeds as normal with the defensive team trying to get the third out if there are already two outs, or if less than two outs the inning will finish by throwing the ball home and any player with the ball touching the plate. Any run that crosses the plate before the plate is touched scores but all play is stopped when the plate is touched. If the bases were loaded and the batter walks then one run scores and the play will stop.

Any division that sets up all their teams combining 8-12 year olds shall play by Major League Rules only.


Age Restrictions
The Rookie League has been set up for league age six (6) through eight (8) year olds. (August 1st is the determining date for age). League age six (6) and seven (7) year olds may not move up to the minors while a child league age is eight (8) may have the option to choose to move up. A nine (9) year old may move down to the Rookie League for further development upon the request of the coach the agreement of the parent and available space in the Rookie League. (Nine (9) year olds participating in the Rookie League are ineligible for tournament play).

End of Play
Play will be stopped when an in-fielder has possession of the ball in the in-field and holds the ball above his head.

A pitching machine will be used (Recommended speed is 43-45 mph)
The pitching machine will be placed 46 feet from home plate but may be moved closer if set at slower speeds. A pitching machine that can accurately throw regulation Babe Ruth baseballs will be required. Any hit ball that makes contact with the pitching machine shall be declared dead. The batter shall be awarded 1st base. Any runner who is forced to advance may do so one (1) base. The umpire will feed balls into the pitching machine.

Batted Ball
If a batted ball hits the coach the ball is dead and it is not counted as a pitch If a batted ball hits a protective guard or screen placed in front of the pitching machine, the ball is in play if it remains in fair territory.

Playing Time
Each child must play a minimum of two (2) innings in the field Free substitutions will be allowed. In the spirit of the instructional purpose of the league, coaches are strongly encouraged to play each child at different positions during the season (i.e. infield and outfield).

Total Number Of Players On Field
Ten (10) - An extra outfielder will be used and must be positioned in the outfield. The pitcher position must be fielded behind the front part of the pitching machine and completely within the area of the pitcher's mound.

Note: A team must field at least nine (9) players at all times or the game will be declared a forfeit. A fifteen-minute waiting period will be allotted from the scheduled game time before declaring a forfeit for the start of the first game. (The fifteen-minutes will be deducted from the game should the game be forfeited).

Game Length
Six (6) innings or a minimum of four (4) complete innings (3½ innings if the home team is winnings) for the game to be 'official'.

A time limit of ninety (90) minutes overrides the inning requirement. Once an inning is started it will be completed. For the purposes of time keeping an inning starts as soon as the home team makes the third out.

Tie Game
At the end of six (6) innings or the (1½) one and one-half hour time limit, if the game is tied, one (1) extra inning will be played. If the game remains tied after the extra inning, it is considered a suspended game. The suspended game may he completed at the end of the regular season if the same two teams are locked in a tie for first place. The game would resume from the point of suspension. Further payment to umpires for this continuation game shall he born by the individual park.

Ten Run Rule
If after four (4) complete innings one team is ahead by ten (10) runs the game is over. Three and one-half (3½) innings if the home team is winning.

Maximum Runs
A maximum of seven runs per inning may be scored. After the seventh run scores, the inning is automatically over.

Each batter will be allowed five (5) pitches. If the batter gets three (3) strikes before the fifth pitch he/she is out. There will be no called strikes. If a fifth pitch is completely unhittable due to the pitching machine an additional pitch will be allowed at the umpire 's discretion. The batter will be allowed additional pitches if the batter fouls off the fifth pitch or any successive pitch. There will be no walks or hit by pitches. The umpire will feed the pitching machine.

Continuous Batting Order
All players will bat whether or not they are playing the field. Any player arriving late will be put at the end of the batting order, There will be no automatic outs if a player leaves the game for any reason. Their position in the line-up will simply be skipped to the next player and the player leaving the game may not reenter.


Sliding at Home
Coaches are encouraged to teach their players how to slide properly but there will be no requirement to slide at home. At the umpire's discretion, a runner may be called out if they attempt to run over the catcher or generate unnecessarily rough play.

Coaches on the Field
The team in the field will be allowed to position coaches past the infield in foul territory to instruct their team. One coach on each foul line will be allowed, At no time while the ball is 'in-play' will a coach be allowed inside the foul line.

Instructional League
Coaches are to be reminded. Rookie League is an Instructional Division at Scott Carrigan Park. Our purpose is to teach the basics of baseball rules and fundamental skills. We are to get these children grounded in the basics of throwing, fielding, catching running bases, sliding properly, hitting etc. and teaching them in an atmosphere in which they can have FUN while still being a kid!

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